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Ara is modern, paperless, secure and interactive
visitor management system

How Ara works

Corporate Vsitor Management System
How Ara Works

How Ara helps your visitor?

A tablet based interactive App

Digitize Front Office
Digitize Front Office
Digitize Front Office
Digitize Front Office
  • Impress visitors with your brand

    Create a brand impression that your visitors will not forget. Customize the app as per your brand

  • Facial recognition for visitors

    Our latest facial recognition feature lets visitors check-in under 5 seconds

  • Monitor materials carried by visitors

    Enhance security by knowing what your visitors are carrying along with them into your premise

  • Fully customizable visitor types

    Add/Edit visitor types and customize the details you would like to collect from them

  • Instantly notify hosts via email/SMS

    Notify the respective employee when a visitor check-in to meet him/her

How Ara helps your office Admin?

A portal to manage your visitors

  • Real-time Dashboard

    Manage information with an interactive dashboard

  • Centralized Management

    Access, view and manage devices and visitor information of multiple locations from one place

  • Actionable Insights

    Cumulative statistical insights about your visitors and hosts

  • Meeting Scheduler

    Daily or weekly meeting reminders are generated

  • Safety & Security

    Retain your visitor log for compliance and get NDA signed to safeguard intellectual property

Self Check in Software
Self Check in Software
Self Check in Software
Self Check in Software
Self Check in Software

Benefits of Ara

Go Paperless
Ara records your visitor log in cloud and can be retrieved anytime, anywhere
Secure Premise
Secure Premise
Ara verifies your visitor when they enter your premise.
Asset Light
All you need is a tablet and a PC to manage your visitors.
Schedule Meeting
Meeting Scheduler
Ara helps you schedule meeting through employee portal and your visitor can check-in seamlessly.
Secure Cloud Storage
Secure Cloud Storage
Ara stores your data securely in cloud and transition is seamless.
More Time for You
Ara interacts with your visitor and helps you focus on your work.
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