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Top 7 Automation Tools for Office Admins

It seems like there’s a way to make everything digitized these days. Employees never again anticipate that their office should be a spot they just come to work. They anticipate that their office condition should likewise be a savvy place for them to work, driven mostly by office automation. Today, you’d experience serious difficulties discovering..

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Visitor Management System in Hospitals: 3 Significant Benefits

Visitor management system in Hospitals _ 3 significant (1)

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique and complex security and operational needs. Hospital premises include not just healthcare facilities but a wide range of amenities that serve patients, visitors, and staff alike. Some large premises even include medical university campuses and hostels. Hospitals generally comprise of sprawling campuses & massive buildings that serve hundreds and..

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Embracing Technology in Visitor Hospitality

Embracing Tech in Visitor Hospitality

Visitor Hospitality is a distinctly customer-centric industry. Understanding customers behaviors, proclivity, needs and foresee them, can define whether any organization or hotel or in fact any facility for that matter will make it or break it. Then why shouldn’t businesses practice the same? Business is all about creating and preserving the relationship with consumers, partners, inversions..

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Office Digitization with a Visitor Management System

Office Digitization with a Visitor Management System

Office digitization will change the face of offices soon. By 2020, 46% of the total workforce will comprise of tech-friendly millennials. Our generation is one of the connected multi-taskers. We prefer modern day apps. The inundation of young minds is definitely altering the way offices works. The traditional way of doing things is gingerly replaced by..

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Visitor Reports and Analytics | Feature

Visitor Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics are important as they help track the ongoing health of the company and to inform decision making. A company can this special Ara Feature to gain insights in order to better understand the overall functioning and make better decisions “As you gain fresh insight from your data, it opens the door to..

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Receptionist Telephone Etiquettes: What to do Before, During and After a Call.

Receptionist Telephone Etiquette

‘The customer’s perception is your reality’ and that perception can also be set through a phone. Receptionist telephone etiquettes are simple but mean a lot. It is important because it helps set the tone for further conversations. Here are some of the best etiquettes that a receptionist can follow to improve the client experience. A..

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Master these Receptionist Etiquette Tips to become great at your Job!

receptionist etiquette tips

A receptionist is the face of any business, the first impression many office visitors have. A good receptionist makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Whatever their reason for showing up, the receptionist helps address it.  If you are looking to hire a receptionist then helping them master this basic receptionist etiquette can make all the difference..

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The Next Big Thing In Visitor Logbook

visitor logbook

The Visitor logbook was originally meant to hold visitor information, but most often the information goes unverified. Whenever a visitor enters a premise they are requested to fill up the visitor logbook with their information, and there is no verification done to ensure that the provided information is true or not. Anybody can enter fraudulent..

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Receptionist Performance Goals in 2019 and How to Reach Them

Receptionist performance goals

Receptionists are the frontline soldiers in any company’s army of employees. To be a good receptionist, a person must set their goals aligned with the kpi for receptionist as to which skills are very much needed in becoming one. Any business would benefit from a friendly smile and pleasant personality that greets its customers. A receptionist is..

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Front Desk Call Handling Best Practices

Call Handling Best Practices

Front Desk is the frontline of call handling in any company and is the gateway to a company’s employees. Not just any gateway, mind you. This particular entrance needs to be well protected and of course, welcoming. In fact, a bad first impression is the most prevalent front desk problem that can be averted very..

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