Category: Features of a Digital Receptionist

All Features of a Digital Receptionist at one place. Ara comes with over 40+ features including O.T.P Verification, Photo Capturing, Instant Host Notifications, Faster Sign-ins for returning visitors, Multiple Location Management, and more. Visit the website to know more about Ara – Digital Receptionist

Visitor Reports and Analytics | Feature

Visitor Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics are important as they help track the ongoing health of the company and to inform decision making. A company can this special Ara Feature to gain insights in order to better understand the overall functioning and make better decisions “As you gain fresh insight from your data, it opens the door to..

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Cloud-Based Visitor Management System: 5 Must-Have Features

A traditional human visitor-reception stands nowhere near the greatness of the cloud-based visitor management system. It completely boggles the mind of the visitor and already creates an everlasting impression for the host. Let’s see how in a moment. Traditionally, whenever a visitor is in the premises of a company, they are greeted by a receptionist..

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Improve the Quality of Guest Experience with Ara Insights – The Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer

Ara Insights - Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer

The quality of guest experience is dependent on two vital aspects a) The Quality of front office operations, and b) Processes in place to handle guest needs. When these are constantly kept in check, the guest is delighted, either from a fantastic interaction or a quick and easy transaction that lets them get the job done, as quickly..

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Top 5 Features to look for in a Visitor Management Software


Almost every other visitor management software in the market today comes stacked with a host of impressive features to address any type of visitor needs. However, only a select few features, generally associated with a brand, differentiate them from the rest of the competition. Rest all other visitor management system features are common to every product…

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Customizable Interface for your Brand – Feature


Forget the swanky new office furniture or the terrace canteen, the most important interactions your office visitors have is at your reception area. It is here that your visitors make their first impressions of your business and you have to be extremely cautious that you don’t send out the wrong signals. This doesn’t mean that you revamp..

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Digitally Sign Documents – NDAs and Legal Agreements | Feature


Many organizations unintentionally expose sensitive information to office visitors making it necessary to have visitors sign a confidentiality agreement/NDA upon entering an office. Making them digitally sign documents such as NDAs, Waivers or other Legal Agreements is a sure shot way of protecting confidential information that was meant to be kept under wraps. The need to..

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Instant Host Notifications | Feature


Imagine your receptionist taking time out to personally greet office visitors and address every pain point they encounter when they step into your office. Wouldn’t that be the “ideal” front desk scenario in any workplace? Receptionists are often the first person visitors have contact with when getting in touch with an organization and their initial judgments of..

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