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Coming up with the perfect front office reception area to give your visitors the red carpet welcome they deserve. Your front desk is the first place your visitors head to upon entering your office. This is the place for first impressions and you don’t want to be sending out the wrong signals here lest you don’t want them to come back.

Receptionist Telephone Etiquettes: What to do Before, During and After a Call.

Receptionist Telephone Etiquette

‘The customer’s perception is your reality’ and that perception can also be set through a phone. Receptionist telephone etiquettes are simple but mean a lot. It is important because it helps set the tone for further conversations. Here are some of the best etiquettes that a receptionist can follow to improve the client experience. A..

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The Next Big Thing In Visitor Logbook

visitor logbook

The Visitor logbook was originally meant to hold visitor information, but most often the information goes unverified. Whenever a visitor enters a premise they are requested to fill up the visitor logbook with their information, and there is no verification done to ensure that the provided information is true or not. Anybody can enter fraudulent..

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Front Desk Call Handling Best Practices

Call Handling Best Practices

Front Desk is the frontline of call handling in any company and is the gateway to a company’s employees. Not just any gateway, mind you. This particular entrance needs to be well protected and of course, welcoming. In fact, a bad first impression is the most prevalent front desk problem that can be averted very..

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Digital Non-Disclosure Agreement – The Future

Digital non-disclosure agreement - The Future

“Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof” -V (from the film V for Vendetta) Ideas are something that startups count on. Ideas are revolutionary. They are bulletproof, but they can be stolen. Oh! What a heartbreak that would be. So in..

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Visitor Badge For Companies: What Has Changed?

Visitor Badge For Companies

Visitor Badge for companies has been exploited in multiple ways. But over the past decade, the visitor badges have evolved from just being a placard to storing information of the bearer and that information is backed up by secure cloud storage. Well, that takes place when you have an automated visitor management software in place…

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3 Prevalent Front Desk Problems & How to Solve Them via a Visitor Management System

Solving front desk problems via a visitor management system

Do your visitors require a high level of “hand-holding” from front desk employees? Or can they easily track down the meeting host, make their way through an unfamiliar office, and find the correct meeting room? Think about it. Is it just a front desk reception area design problem? If not, then this just became one front desk..

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[Infographic] Tips for Writing an Exceptional Office Visitor Policy

exceptional office visitor policy

A clear and precise office visitor policy is paramount for the security of your employees, clients, and workplace assets. It keeps your confidential information unrevealed and private, your workers safe, and your equipment secure. The nature of your office visitor policy might vary on the type and size of your office. Visitor policies at smaller firms..

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Receptionists Lack Workplace Privacy. Here’s how to cope with it.

Receptionists lacking workplace privacy

Receptionists provide invaluable services to the organization. They take care of both office guests and employees alike, and make it look like a breeze doing so. If they don’t, then probably it’s time to hire a new receptionist. But if they do, then this needs to be emphasized – It’s not all fun and games.  Terry Penny,..

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Is your Visitor Pass secure enough?

Is your Visitor Pass secure enough And, why we say NO.

A visitor pass or visitor badge needs no formal introduction. It is fundamentally a printed piece of paper on which office visitors have their names, along with some other relevant details including a small photograph, signature maybe. It’s either that or a sticky label that the visitor sticks to their clothing. Both of which are..

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