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Everything you need to know about a manual visitor management system or a Vistors Book. Visitor books are great. They are convenient, easily capture visitor’s information, ideal for easy access and have proven to be an amazing value to the front desk staff.

The Next Big Thing In Visitor Logbook

visitor logbook

The Visitor logbook was originally meant to hold visitor information, but most often the information goes unverified. Whenever a visitor enters a premise they are requested to fill up the visitor logbook with their information, and there is no verification done to ensure that the provided information is true or not. Anybody can enter fraudulent..

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Visitors Book: Is there a Better Alternative?


I completely agree with those who say “Hey, a visitors book is one of the most widely used products in any office reception and it has proven to be of great service for keeping track of office visitors throughout offices worldwide” It is true. Visitor books are great and that’s why they are also commonly..

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