One of the best features of a Digital Receptionist is that it lets your front desk team capture visitor’s information and store all of it on the cloud for security or analytics purposes.

Unlike a visitors book, capturing visitors data via a software takes place without human intervention and hence provides a great value to the front desk staff especially at a time when the visitor inflow is on the higher side.

Your front desk staff could also be busy attending phone calls or taking care of other office visitors who are already present at your front desk when a new visitor walks in. This is the time when you would need a completely automated digital receptionist to take the first step in handling your visitors.

Every feature of a Digital Receptionist is aimed to assist your front desk staff in dealing with their everyday tasks; making them focus on more important things such as building rapport with the visitors. Capturing Visitor’s Information digitally is one such way of assisting your front desk staff and helping them deal with processes without too many regulations to overshadow the warm welcome you want to give to your guests.

When does a Digital Receptionist capture visitor’s information?

Let’s first understand how Ara interacts with visitors when they walk into your office. By doing this we can identify where exactly the role of a digital receptionist to capture visitor’s information comes into play in the entire process of visitor sign-in.



What Information can be captured?

With Ara, you can customize the information you wish collect from visitors by selecting/editing your sign-in fields.  Fields you can capture are-

  • Name
  • Photo (Optional)
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Host Name
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Materials Carried (Optional)

Let’s see this from the visitor’s view point. This is how Ara interacts with your visitors when they walk in your office reception area.

Visitor-sign-in-flow-1-ara-digital-receptionist-capture-visitor's-information Visitor-sign-in-flow-2-ara-digital-receptionist-capture-visitor's-information Visitor-sign-in-flow-3-ara-digital-receptionist-capture-visitors-information


What happens after visitor’s information is captured?

As soon as the visitor fills the information (step 2 in the working of Ara diagram) ara captures it (step 3) and the data is concurrently uploaded to the cloud. This stored data can later be retrieved to track down information regarding your visitors or to get a view of visit patterns to your facilities.

Once this data has been captured and stored, it cannot be changed. This data is used via the Digital Receptionist to remember visitors who have already signed in once for faster check-in/check-out.

All this happens in the same second the data is captured and in the next few seconds via Instant Host Notifications (another great feature) the host knows of your presence in your building. The host can then reply to the same mail/SMS and your visitor will be notified of the same.

What can you do with the captured visitor’s information?

There are 4 major activities you need visitors data for. These include

Real time view of your office visitors

 Get access to real-time view of different office locations along with the supporting visitor data from a single location.

  • Control and manage systems at multiple locations through a single powerful, cloud based web dashboard.
  • Compare visits at different branch/offices.
  • Get real-time view of expected visitors, checked-in visitors and checked-out visitors along with their photo.
  • Get analytical insights into your visitors’s visit patterns.
  • Simplify visitor search process.
  • Check-in/check-out visitor through the dashboard, on click of a button.

Retrieve visitor’s information

With one glance at the data you can know who is in your facility, their purpose of their visit, time spent within your facility, and so much more.
  • A comprehensive dashboard that compiles all records of your visitors.
  • Customize how your system looks and the data you capture.
  • Ara’s functionality also allows the sending of emergency SMS and email notifications.
  • Access emergency evacuation lists and manage users.

Detailed visitor Insights

A Cloud based system gives centralized access to all visitors data within one dashboard.

  • Get a complete view of visit patterns to your facilities.
  • Correlate your visitor data with business activities.
  • Make data-backed informed decisions to improve infrastructure of your facility.

Quicker Sign-Ins

Capture visitor’s information and with the help of Ara you can use it later for faster check-ins.

  • For returning visitors the form fields are pre-filled.
  • Fast, uninterrupted visitor check-in and check-out.

If you have any more questions around capturing visitor’s information we’ll be glad to answer it. Post them below on the comments section. If you are looking to hire a receptionist, along with her let Ara take care of capturing visitors information.