A traditional human visitor-reception stands nowhere near the greatness of the cloud-based visitor management system. It completely boggles the mind of the visitor and already creates an everlasting impression for the host. Let’s see how in a moment.

Traditionally, whenever a visitor is in the premises of a company, they are greeted by a receptionist (human). The visitor fills up the visitor log and mentions their intent for visit. The receptionist then contacts the person, the visitor wants to meet and asks for their availability, and fixes up the meeting. Then, the receptionist accompanies the visitor to the meetup. After the meeting is over, the visitor again enters the visitor log mentioning their time of departure.

Now, imagine a visitor coming in and being greeted by a secure and interactive piece of software placed at the front desk. This particular software is asks for the persons info, stores it on cloud and lets them in. Now that would make a great first impression.  A visitor management system that integrates cloud-based storing information gives that great impression that any host could ask for.  All of the processes mentioned in the traditional visitor management method can be simplified into just a few taps of buttons by a visitor management system. Let’s learn what exactly is a cloud-based visitor management system.

What is a Cloud-Based VMS?

A visitor management system (VMS) is basically a system that handles all mundane activities of a receptionist by going digital. A cloud-based VMS does all of the things a VMS does and more by storing all of its data on cloud storage. Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or “cloud”. The information is secure and cannot be altered once it’s been sent to be stored on the cloud. Here are a few of the benefits

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Visitor Management System:

  • Reinforced Branding
  • Paperless
  • Wait time reduction
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Scalability
  • Customizability
  • Instant notification
  • Cloud storage
  • Insights on meetings
  • Cost efficiency

The piece of software we talked about on the front desk not only reinforces your branding but also adds a layer of security, privacy and convenience on top of seamless workflow and effective cost of hosting. So how does this Cloud-based visitor management system do all of it? A cloud-based visitor management system needs a few key features to function.

Feature #1: Visitor Acknowledgement

Firstly, any visitor coming in the premises is greeted by a DIGITAL RECEPTIONIST. Then it asks for information of the visitor such as their

  • Phone number
  • Email id
  • Where they come from
  • Who they want to meet
  • and their motive for the visit

This information that has been locked and stored on the cloud can later on be retrieved and used as per need. The visitor management system also captures a photo and verifies the phone number and email via OTP. You’ll have all the information required to contact the person. The host can also pre-register the visitor on the visitor management system.

Feature #2: Carryable Item Awareness

The visitor management system also asks the visitor if they are carrying any items, just to have an awareness. This feature gives an additional layer of security as it acknowledges what the visitors carry along with them in the premises.

Cloud-Based Visitor Management System - Monitor Material

Feature #3: Host Notification

Then, a notification would be sent to the host as soon as the visitors enter their details. Now, the host can call them in, or if the host is busy they can make them wait by just a tap of a button. The host receives all the information that the visitor has provided and can plan accordingly for the meeting. The host can then book conference room (if necessary) for the meeting by checking the availability of the room through the visitor management system and everything is setup for the meeting.

Cloud-Based Visitor Management System - Notify Hosts

Feature #4: The Meeting Scheduler

Now, when the host is ready , a notification is sent to the visitor with just a tap of a button through the software for the meeting. The host and the visitor then proceed to the designated room and the meeting happens seamlessly without any further human intervention. 

Feature #5: The Checkout

After the meeting is over, the host can sign the visitor out. The system notifies the visitor that they have been checked out while automatically saving the meeting time logs onto the secured cloud storage. 

This whole process happens seamlessly and simultaneously, all thanks to the cloud setup on the visitor management system. There are ton loads of advantages of a cloud-based visitor management system when compared to a traditional reception of visitors like powerlessness, waiting time reduction, increased efficiency and security, on-site transparency, scalability, and all this at reduced cost and full customizability.

Now, that is a future-proof, modernised first impression. Who wouldn’t want to look cool, while saving some money? And this whole system has a whole lot of places where it can be applied like schools, universities, corporate organizations and many more.


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