Ara Insights - Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer

The quality of guest experience is dependent on two vital aspects a) The Quality of front office operations, and b) Processes in place to handle guest needs. When these are constantly kept in check, the guest is delighted, either from a fantastic interaction or a quick and easy transaction that lets them get the job done, as quickly as possible. In this post, we will be focusing on these two aspects of enhancing the quality of visitor experience.

The question is, how do you improve the quality of your operations? And, how do you keep a check on these “processes” that can help you handle your guest’s needs and give them the exceptional guest experience they deserve?

The answer is quite simple. By understanding the behavior of your office visitors, both real-time and post their visit, you can drastically improve the quality of you reception operations and come up with processes that will reach make your job easier and your visitors life uncomplicated.

To do this, first you need to understand how office visitors interact with your brand and/or messaging at your front office reception area. Without knowing anything about how your visitors, anything you do is purely guesswork. Lucky for you, we have a tool to measure how people interact with your brand upon entering your office.

The tool we are talking about here is Ara Insights – The Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer. 

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Let’s learn more about this email.

Understanding Ara’s Visitor Insights Mailer

Ara Insights Emailer

With Ara Insights, our major goal is to take out all the guesswork from the front office administration and give you detailed visitor insight reports, delivered straight to your inbox. These reports will assist you to improve the overall quality of visitor experience.

The reports provided in the mailer would help you understand more about your office visitors, by looking at some key information such as how much time your office visitors spend in your office, what is your busiest hour of the day, and more. You can leverage this data to improve your day to day operations and see a major improvement at your front desk.

If you are already using Ara -Digital Receptionist software, then you might have crossed paths with these reports before. Yes, these reports are already available to all our current users. All current Ara users can find these reports on your admin dashboard, under the “Insights” tab. Currently, this mailer goes out to all our clients giving them advanced detailed reports of their front desk office operations.

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Buying a visitor management software for collecting and measuring data, might be one of the most underrated objectives, but our goal with Ara Insights is to turn this around. Let’s look at all the available reports.

Types of Reports – Ara Insights Mailer

Ara’s Visitor Insights Monthly Mailer would include the following types of reports:

Entire Month’s Overall Visitor Insights

Visitor Inflow in Hours

Visitor Flow – Daily Breakdown

Visitor Flow Daily Breakdown - Ara Insights


Busiest Days

Busiest day of the month



Busiest Hours Throughout the Day


Most Frequently Visited Employees

Most Visited Employees - Ara Insights

Department with Highest Number of Visitors

Department with Highest Number of Visitors - Ara Insights

Major Reasons for Office Guests to visit you

Reasons to visit employees - Ara Insights

Once you have this extremely powerful visitor data in your hands, you would never have to make uninformed decisions again. You can come with processes in place that will take care of all your reception desk operations and create and incredible guest experience.

What can I do with the Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer?

Coming back to the two main aspects of visitor experience;  Quality of front office operations, and Processes to handle guest needs, let’s see how we can use our reports for this. The first thing you need to do, after signing up for the Ara Insights is have a good look at these reports and try to figure out patterns of your visitors behavior.

Our Monthly Visitor Insights Mailer is designed in such a way that you can figure out trends even with the first report. The reports are also simplistic and easy to understand. You would not require a data scientist to deduce visitor insights for you. Ara will do it for you.

For example, if you go up and have a look at the Busy Days Report (above), you can deduce that on Friday’s, you had the highest number of visitors in your office. You can use the available information, to plan resource allocation and measure productivity and facility utilization. By the time you are 3-4 months in, you can see what makes your customers tick and how you can optimize your front office reception better.

Now, coming up with the “processes” part, leave that to your digital receptionist. With Ara at your Front Desk, you can –

  • Impress your visitor with your brand
    Create a brand impression that your visitors will not forget. Customize the app for your brand
  • Capture Visitors’ Information
    Capture name, company name, email, photo, the purpose of visit, devices carried and more.
  • Go Paperless
    Ara records your visitor log in the cloud and can be retrieved anytime, anywhere
  • Secure Premise
    Ara OTP verifies your visitor when they enter your premise.
  • Notify Hosts
    Notify your employees/hosts of a visit by email, SMS or instant message
  • Multiple Location Management 
    Manage visitors and devices at all your locations with one dashboard
  • Monitor Materials 
    Enhance security by knowing what your visitors are carrying along with them into your premise.

These are just a few of the features from the list. To view the entire feature list you can visit the website.

No wonder she’s the Receptionist everyone wants.  #HireAra