Imagine your receptionist taking time out to personally greet office visitors and address every pain point they encounter when they step into your office. Wouldn’t that be the “ideal” front desk scenario in any workplace?

Receptionists are often the first person visitors have contact with when getting in touch with an organization and their initial judgments of the business are based on their experience with this individual. This makes them one of the most important employees in an organization. But under certain stressful situations, (a horde of visitors walking in unexpectedly at once), your front desk employees find it challenging to bring out the best of your company.

When you have a Digital Receptionist at your front desk this scenario changes completely. This is because the job of a Digital Receptionist is to assist your front desk staff in dealing with their everyday tasks; making them focus on more important things such as building rapport with the visitors.

One simple way of doing this is by instantaneously informing your employees of your visitor’s arrival via instant host notifications. Let’s see how it works.

How does Instant Host Notifications work?

When a visitor enters an office, they head straight to the front desk. The visitor then informs the receptionist that they are here to meet “Mr.X”. The receptionist gets in touch with Mr.X and lets them know that a visitor is here to see them. Mr.X then, either a) Tells the receptionist to inform the visitor to wait or b) Comes out to meet with the visitor.

While this might seem ideal, there is an unseen challenge in this scenario. Let me point it out.

The problem with this process of notifying hosts is that your visitor could squander time (not always), just to reach the intermediary or to reach the host with the help of the intermediary. The intermediary here, being the Receptionist, could be on a call or busy attending others when another visitor arrives at your office front desk.

However, with Ara – Digital Receptionist at your front desk, your visitors can directly send out a message (SMS/Email) notifying hosts of their presence in the building – eliminating the time between the host and the intermediary and also between the intermediary and the visitor.

The host can directly respond to the message and the visitor will be notified accordingly. Here’s a flowchart of how Instant Host Notifications in Ara work.

Working – Instant Notifications – Ara

Advantages of Express Host Notifications

  • Fully-Automatic Notifications – Your visitor just needs to fill out the details that Ara asks them on the Ipad, and the host is instantly notified.
  • Rapid Host Notifications – Email/SMS (text message) are the Fastest modes of communication used by business for internal communications, right after face-to-face communications.
  • Photos in Notifications – Visitor’s photo appears in host notifications, making it easier for hosts to welcome the visitor with confidence.
  • Detailed Visitor Information – Capture Visitor’s information that you want from the visitors. It can be set up easily from the dashboard. Meaning, your host can get all the information they need about their visitors i.e their name, purpose of visit, company name and more.
  • Custom Text – The host notification template is fully customizable. This means that you can add more specific information to your host notifications to be filled up by your visitors upon entry.
  • Team Notifications – Specify who receives host notifications for an entire team. Example: You can make one person in charge of receiving notifications on behalf of your entire ‘Materials Management’ team.
  • Fallback Notifications –  When a visitor does not select a host, a notification is sent to Ara’s administrators. They’ll get to know a guest is waiting and can provide quick assistance.

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