People are the backbone of an organization. Most people are vibrant and excited to come to office and love to share that excitement with others in the company. However, there are a few menial tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day that suck the creative juices from them.

To schedule a meeting is one such dreaded task that takes the fun out of everything. This is because employees today are not only responsible for tasks that are vital to business development, but are also constantly stuck between scheduling meetings, taking calls and catching up on emails and addressing other related admin work. These are the joy busters, the party-poopers, the killjoys that need to be dealt with ASAP if you want to see more happy employees and more productive work being done.




Infact, in one of the HBR Reports that conducted interviews with hundreds of executives, it came to light that many felt overwhelmed by their meetings—whether formal or informal, traditional or agile, face-to-face or electronically mediated.

How did employees schedule meetings before Ara?

Earlier, if an employee needed to schedule a meeting they first would need to check staff calendars. This would be done by glancing through Outlook or Google calendars. They would then communicate a time and date to the receptionist or office administrator to ascertain which rooms were available and have them lock in a time for you.

Then they would need to go back to Outlook to set up the invite of the meeting for the guests to add to their own calendars. To top it all off, the employees would still need to go to the IT team and have them set up the projector and source other equipment to carry out a productive meeting. This has forever been a cumbersome and tedious process that involved a lot of back-and-forth communication.

So, How to bring back the fun in Meetings?

If you take out the boring part you are left behind with the interesting bit.



Scheduling a meeting is boring. You can’t just remove it but you can automate and turn it into your advantage. That’s where you would require Ara’s assistance.

With Ara to schedule meetings, employees should be able to manage this whole booking process much faster, and notify the participants (within and outside of your organization) with all the information by just a filling up a “Schedule a Meet” form.

How to Schedule a Meeting via Ara – Digital Receptionist

Step 1: Login to Dashboard via this link –


Step 2: Click on the Schedule a Meeting button on the top right.



Step 3: Fill out all the details.



Step 4: Click on “Schedule Meeting” button.


That’s it. The meeting is fixed.

Both Invitees and the host gets instantly notified via Mail/SMS of the scheduled meeting. The mail would include the date and time of the meeting, the invitees information and the hosts name. All your employees got to do now is forward the same message/mail to your IT team. They can then setup the equipment in the meeting rooms before the meeting adjourns.

You can schedule as many meetings as you like and the administrator in-charge can view every meeting through Ara’s Dashboard. They can update and cancel scheduled meetings from here as well.

Another great benefit of having a digital visitor management software to schedule your meetings is that the captured information gets stored on the cloud. So now, at the date of the meeting when the visitors comes to check-in, all their data is pre-filled. The check-in process becomes much simpler for them. All they need to do is sign an NDA (if you’ve turned on the feature for your organization) and walk in to an already setup meeting place.

Spread the word. It’s time to bring back the fun in meetings.