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Keep a tab on all of your office visitors in real-time with Ara’s Automatic and Self, visitor sign-out feature.

Do you have a visitor system in place that can help you track all those who have checked out of your office building? Yes, very cool indeed. What about tracking those who still haven’t? No clue?

Well, this handy feature will let you keep track of all such people, keeping your office environment secure and efficient. If visitors don’t sign out by E.O.D, hosts are instantly notified and can sign them out to ensure the visitor list is always up-to-date. The automatic sign-out feature will automatically sign-out visitors at by E.O.D.

To help you better understand this entire process, I have broken down this post into three main topics.

  1. Importance of capturing visitor sign-out time.
  2. How does Visitor Sign-out work?
  3. Ways your office visitor can sign out.

1. Importance of Capturing Visitor Sign-Out Time.

This one particular question seldom comes up when this feature is discussed, which is

Why should I care what time my visitor leaves the building? Or how does it affect my business if my visitors leave the building at 2 or 5 or 10 even?

While it is important to capture visitor information and their sign-in time, sign-out time is also an important component of tracking visitor behavior, mainly for three reasons.

  • For Security Reasons.
  • To understand Visitor Behavior & Patterns.
  • Finally, for Audit & Compliance Purpose.

Why these 3 reasons in particular? Let me help you understand the significance of capturing visitor sign-out time with the help of an example.

Say, Mohan arrives at your front office reception area at 10 AM and left by 2 in the afternoon, after having met the host. While leaving, Mohan forgets to sign out and return his badge. Due to his negligence, he or other unauthorized visitors can misuse the unreturned badge to infiltrate your facility and gain access to employees, restricted areas, equipment, compounds or proprietary data. (It could very well be a one in a million situation. But, it could definitely happen.)

When a visitor signs out, their visitor entry gets updated to include their sign-out time. Both, Sign-in and Sign out times appear on Ara’s dashboard which allows companies like your’s and mine to evaluate key visitor metrics which could be used to make rational business decisions.


Busy-Hours-Ara-InsightsThe above graph shows that the front desk of this company is busiest at 11 AM and then at 3 PM. You can schedule additional resources at this time because visitor inflow is at its peak. You can even ease out on your receptionist and let them handle other tasks at the not so frequent times at 9 AM or 1 PM.

Also, by capturing essential visitor’s information such as sign-out times it becomes easier for you to audit and stay compliant as well. Capturing visitor sign-out times helps you create an accurate picture of who’s in the building. This can particularly be useful in the event of emergency or evacuation.

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2. How does Visitor Sign-Out Work?

To understand how visitor sign-out system works, first let me explain what happens when a visitor walks into your office and how my software caters to the need of the visitor.How-ara-works

When the visitor arrives and fills their details, visitor’s check-in time is captured. While leaving the visitor can either check-out via the software or is automatically signed out. This is why the checkout is seamless and neither your visitor nor you are apprehensive about the visitor leaving.

3. Ways your office visitor can sign out

There are basically 3 ways your visitor can sign-out.

  • Visitors can sign themselves out using the iPad if the Self Sign-out feature is enabled,
  • Visitors will be automatically signed out at midnight of the day their entry was created, in case Automatic Sign-out is enabled. And;
  • You can also manually sign them out from your software’s dashboard just in case none of the features were enabled for the day.

Self sign-out Feature

If you are Ara’s administrator, then you can enable self sign-out for your office from the backend. This feature allows visitors to sign themselves out using the iPad. When enabled, the words Sign-out appears at the bottom of the iPad’s screen. While exiting the building, they’ll be prompted to type their name from where a record of their entry will appear and visitors can directly tap Sign out. This feature lets the visitor check out using e-badge sent to their phone.

self sign-out feature - Ara - Digital Receptionist

Note: Visitors have until midnight to sign themselves out for the day. After midnight, you’ll need to manually sign the visitor out from the dashboard.

Enabling Visitor Self sign-out

  1. Go to Dashboard> Manage> Settings> Feautres Tab 
  2. Locate Visitor Self Checkout
    • To enable, toggle to the “on” position.
    • To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

Automatic Sign-Out Feature

With this feature enabled, every visitor who has not signed out by 11:59 PM (local time) will be automatically signed out.

Automatically signing out visitors will ensure that every visitor entry has both a sign-in and sign-out time and even if, it can’t be used for tracking visitor behavior it can very well keep your visitor log “clean” for compliance and security purposes.

Enabling automatic sign-out

  1. Go to Dashboard> Manage> Settings> Features Tab
  2. Locate Automatic sign-out
    • To enable, toggle to the “on” position.
    • To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

Signing Out Visitors Manually dashboard

Whether or not you have self sign-out or automatic sign-out features enabled, you can always sign out visitors from the web dashboard.

How to sign out a visitor from the dashboard.

  1. Go to View > Visitors.
  2. Your visitor log will show the checkout column, where you can see all the visitors that haven’t signed out.
  3. Sign out single visitors individually by clicking the “Checkout” link next to their names.

Manual Vistor Sign-Out - Ara- Digital Receptionist


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