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You would have set up the best Visitor Management Strategy.

You would have set up the right ambiance at your receptionist area.

You Receptionist/front desk staff has been carefully guided with the right front desk etiquette.

But even with all the right channels provided to the visitors you never know what impact it made while visiting your office. You would never know how did the visitor feel when stepped foot into your office. So how would you know?

Isn’t it better to ask the visitor whether they were delighted or disappointed with their visit? What a simple solution, don’t you think? Well, I believe, this is the most important task one should implement in their Visitor Management Strategy, as it can be the game-changer in how direct office visitors perceive your office/company.

How to collect visitor feedback, the right way?

The idea of Front Desk set up is to provide the early guide for a better first impression. The visit might be for a meeting, interview, general visit, etc.. Hence it’s important to create a positive workplace experience and recollect the visit experience. Here is how you can do so in 3 simple steps –

  1. Set up a quick feedback survey on their visit experience, about the amenities, environment, service & wait time.
  2. Check out whether their visit made a wow experience or not.
  3. Work on those areas which were disliked & improvise/maintain those areas which were liked.

You can integrate the feedback survey form with your Visitor Management System for easy feedback submission.

This kind of an automated feedback collection makes it easy for the receptionist i.e the feedback can be collected without any assistance by automatically sending them emails/SMS with the survey link right after they leave your office building.

Implementing Feedback given by Visitors

Office Visitor feedback

I might not know what visitor feedback you get, however, here are a few tips to get on with your visitor feedback straightaway.

  • If visitors are frustrated by your lengthy sign-in process, you can use workplace technology as a digital sign-in app, to check them in quickly and securely. For example, a visitor management app can streamline sign-in, allowing visitors to sign a digital NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or other forms, on a Tab. The paperwork is then automatically, digitally stored, eliminating work for your front desk staff. A quality visitor registration system also can take — and retake — a photo of your guests, print Visitor Badges,   provide info in multiple languages, and automatically notify hosts.
  • If your visitors appreciate the complimentary drink in your reception area, keep up the flow.
  • If the receptionist is too slow in dealing with your visitors, it’s probably because he/she has too much work and a visitor management system like Ara can take care of most of the mundane front desk jobs improving productivity and in return visitor experience.

Visitors play a vital part in your success and impact on workplace experience, prioritise your front desk for the betterment of visitor experience. Take care of them by constantly nurturing them by taking feedback to give the visitors and red carpet experience they deserve.