Visitor Badge For Companies

Visitor Badge for companies has been exploited in multiple ways. But over the past decade, the visitor badges have evolved from just being a placard to storing information of the bearer and that information is backed up by secure cloud storage. Well, that takes place when you have an automated visitor management software in place.

However, there are a few prominently visible changes that we are gonna talk about in this post.

Visitor Badges for Businesses: The Past

Visitor Badge For Companies

Remember this?

Some of you might still be using this today. However, this type of visitor badge offers very less information about the visitor and hence should be treated as, if not already, as a thing of the past.

Whenever a visitor used to visit a company, they first enter their details in the visitor logbook and then proceed towards the reception, after being greeted by the receptionist, they were handed a placard which had the letters “VISITOR” on it in a different color other than the ones that were given to the employees of the company. Also, this card can easily be duplicated and can be misused beyond imagination.

What has changed so far?

With the dawn of VMS (Visitor Management System), security and authenticity were promoted.

Now, whenever a visitor visits a company they directly go on to the reception area and fill up their details in an android tablet or an iPad. The app then sends the visitor an eBadge via an SMS or an email whilst storing all of the visitor’s data onto a secure cloud server. This data can be extracted anytime with the tap of a button.

After this, the visitor, as well as the host, are notified by the VMS about the meeting and then based on the availability of the host, the VMS informs the visitor and assists them to the meeting room.

Types of Visitor Badges in the Present


Visitor Badge For Companies

eBadges are online badges that are generated by a VMS based on the verified information provided by the visitor and then sent to the visitor via SMS or email. These badges have verified information as the VMS requests the visitor to enter their phone number and then sends in an OTP to verify the number.

Custom Badges

With the VMS being user-friendly and highly customizable, the badges that a VMS makes is also customizable and can serve the required information hiding all the other information. The hosting companies can customize their badges according to their needs. With great customizability comes great branding.

A custom badge can even be designed for a particular visitor type. For instance, if you want the visitor who has come for an interview to have only their name on it that can be done. Similarly, if you want someone who has come in for a meeting, then you can customize the badge by adding other details such as their company name and visiting time along with their name.

Self-Expiring Badge

Visitor Badge For Companies

The new age printable badge comes with temporary ink and the ink changes color after a definite time period. These are particularly useful when there are a lot of visitors and there is a possibility of the visitor badge for companies being misused. There are also some inks which fade away after any definite time period.

The age-old visitor badge for companies had (literally) zero level of security, but after the dawn of Visitor Management System, and the introduction of eBadges and self-expiring badges, the companies get advanced and with better security backing them.

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