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The Visitor logbook was originally meant to hold visitor information, but most often the information goes unverified. Whenever a visitor enters a premise they are requested to fill up the visitor logbook with their information, and there is no verification done to ensure that the provided information is true or not. Anybody can enter fraudulent information and enter the premise and be there for any amount of time unnoticed. There needs to be a system in place to log verified information of the office-visitors so that there is a sense of security for the host.

Importance of a Visitor Logbook

Tracking visitors in and out of your office has multiple benefits, but majorly it concerns the security of the premise as a whole. A visitor book at your reception significantly enhances security and enables transparency. Let’s look at the two types of visitor books available at the market today!

Digital Visitor Logbook Vs Physical Visitor Logbook

Digital visitor logbook, unlike the physical one, is designed to impose security and smoothen certain processes and favor customizability. Here is a quick comparison chart between these two.

Paper Based Logbook Digital Logbook
A physical logbook can be lost, stolen or damaged Digital visitor logbook cannot be lost, stolen or damaged
Handwritings in the physical logbook can sometimes be difficult to read A Digital logbook eliminates worries about legibility.
A physical visitor logbook is a public document Digital logbook shows only the information that a visitor requires
A physical logbook doesn’t capture visitor pictures A digital visitor logbook can capture visitors pictures during the check-in process
All physical check-ins are stored in a paper All digital check-ins are stored in secure cloud storage
Admin and the receptionists monitor the visitors and logbooks Admins and the receptionists can engage in more meaningful tasks with a digital logbook


Once we know that a digital logbook app is way better than a manual paper-based one. Lets quickly get into some popular features of a digital logbook to see its benefits.

Features of a Digital Logbook

The most prominent features of a digital logbook are as follows:

A complete digital visitor logbook would also have options to book conference rooms, to avoid the conference room booking clashes while covering a visitor’s entire journey.

Digital Visitor Log is The Future

visitor logbook

A digital visitor logbook can, not only replace a physical visitor logbook but also reduce a lot of load off the receptionist’s shoulders. Typically, a receptionist’s job is to greet their visitors, arrange meetings, book conference rooms, maintain department and employee directories, monitor visitor logbook and communicate all actions. Most of this can be taken up by a digital logbook, and leave a much lesser amount of work for the receptionist.

That being said, such a software cannot replace an actual receptionist but can be used by a receptionist to reduce her load in handling visitors. A cloud-based digital visitor logbook adds another layer to the security, by storing all the data in a secure cloud storage space.


The receptionist can concentrate on important tasks and leave a lot of work to the digital logbook app, thereby reducing workload stress. It also makes the whole journey of a visitor inside a premise, much smoother and faster.

The Digital Visitor Logbook is undoubtedly the next big thing in the visitor logbook. A complete cloud-based visitor logbook should, essentially, cover the whole journey of a visitor inside the office premises, while offering smoothness and being snappy fast.


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