Administrative support services unambiguously mean providing support to a company in a way that is well ordered and well regulated. It includes tasks performed on a day-to-day basis that keep an office running smoothly and efficiently.

Those already working under the Administrative department, know that it is a broad-ranging category. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ administrative role.

Receptionist Telephone EtiquettesThe work of an administrative manager/assistant include general office management, answering phones, speaking with clients, assisting an employer, clerical work (including maintaining records and entering data), or a variety of other tasks. This makes the role of administrative professionals one which is highly visible, collaborative and require a wide range of skills.

If you person from the admin team, then this post will guide you through most of the services you bring to the table for your company with points as to how you can make it better.

What is expected out of an Administrative Support Executives job?

Administration being such a broad category, there are many different administrative job titles as well. Some of these titles, like “administrative assistant” and “program administrator,” refer to jobs with very similar duties. However, some job titles describe very different types of tasks and responsibilities.

Here is a list of common clerical and organizational tasks carried out by the administrative services team, that is necessary to keep the employer’s business running in an efficient, organized way.

  • Greeting office visitors and attending to them.
  • Performing basic bookkeeping duties.
  • Booking meetings, seminars, and conferences, and organizing catering for them.
  • Answering inquiries (telephone, email, and social media) and re-directing them to other employees as appropriate.
  • Typing workplace documents, including letters and reports.
  • Processing incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Maintaining paper file records.
  • Converting the paper file record into a computer record.
  • Coordinating appointments of executives and managers.

Note- There could be a variety of other roles and responsibilities as well. But, as I said, it will be according to the job title assigned you by your employer. The common nature of the role remains to be the same.

What is Wrong with your Current Administrative Support Services?

While all the tasks mentioned above are essential for running the business smoothly, some of these are repetitive and monotonous. That’s what’s wrong in all of these services. Yes, I said it.

These are famously known for taking away a major chunk of the administrators workday just because its necessary as a task in itself.  Let me take an example from the above list of common tasks and show you what I mean by that.




Performing basic bookkeeping duties.

While it might seem like one of the easiest tasks to accomplish, but keeping a tab on the visitor’s book takes up too much time out of an administrative assistant’s workday.

We assume that all office visitors know what to do when they see the logbook at the front desk. They know a visitor log book is there to keep a check on every visitor coming in and going out of the building. They know it is for their own security and nothing else, yet they fail to fill in their information correctly or have to ask you to tell them what needs to be filled. Some put down incorrect information and almost every visitor forgets to check-out from the logbook while leaving.

Feel the pain? Following up on these small tasks around the visitor’s log book takes up more time than estimated and is definitely one of the most monotonous administrative support services that need to be chucked out.

Let’s take another example.

Greeting office visitor and Attending to them.

Greeting office visitors is another important task on an administrator’s list of responsibilities. The right kind of greeting can make a visitor feel warm and welcomed and create an exceptional first impression. On the contrary, leaving behind a negative impression can leave behind a damaging effect on the company. Your visitors feel abandoned when the administrative team is busy doing clerical work upon their arrival.

Do you remember the times you felt neglected when you walked into an office and there was no one at the front desk to greet you? If every visitor has to be taken to the visitor book, the host needs to be notified, and then the visitor informed to wait, there’s no time left to tend to another visitor who walks in at the same time. The other visitors would probably have to wait for no fault of his/her own.

You see where this is going? This is NOT how the administrative support teams should work.

Both these tasks (and many more like these) are tedious, boring and time-consuming and hence shouldn’t be a part of the administrative responsibilities. If they are, then there is no reason to look for efficiency in their tasks.

Let’s change the system.

According to newly released data from SnapLogic, 90% of employees are being burdened with boring and repetitive tasks. All of these soul-destroying tasks could be easily automated. By automating it your team can focus more on actual work that makes a difference to the administrative support services you provide to the visitors, on your company’s behalf.

How to Provide the “Right Kind” of Administrative Support Services?

I believe all these tasks require a bare minimum or no assistance at all from the administration team. Automating all the mundane tasks will leave behind the right kind of administrative support tasks.

Gaurav Dhillon, Founder, and CEO of SnapLogic said,

“Digital transformation projects are designed to increase the speed and agility of businesses and create happier, more productive workforces. But we continue to see the problem of siloed data causing workers to spend far too much time on rote, repetitive tasks, which is crippling organizational productivity. This is particularly problematic in larger companies like those included in this research, where there are likely more systems, more departments, and bigger projects than in smaller enterprises.”

Having a Digital Receptionist at your front desk can automate close to 80% of the tasks mentioned above. Learn more about our very own Digital Receptionist, Ara by clicking on the banner below.



Just to be clear, the Role of a Digital Receptionist in an organization, is not to overtake the position of an administrator or a front desk executive, but to assist you and your team in dealing with their everyday tasks; making them focus on more important things such as building relations with the visitors.

Ara can take care of the boring part of your job so that you can focus on providing exceptional administrative support services to your visitors. That being said, some tasks would always remain under the administrator’s control. For instance, all Direct Interactions should be under your control. Responding to their queries over phone, chat or emails is personal and shouldn’t be under a bot’s jurisdiction.

Also, working on providing the right kind of services benefits both you and your employer. Your efficiency improves and your employer is seeing more happy visitors. More productivity from you as an employee will also take you one step closer to the next level of your career path.

The right kind of administrative support services will make you, your visitors and your company happy, all at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for all. Inform your team and act towards it today.


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