Embracing Tech in Visitor Hospitality

Visitor Hospitality is a distinctly customer-centric industry. Understanding customers behaviors, proclivity, needs and foresee them, can define whether any organization or hotel or in fact any facility for that matter will make it or break it.

Then why shouldn’t businesses practice the same? Business is all about creating and preserving the relationship with consumers, partners, inversions and the community in general. Like at a hotel, any organizations relationship with their visitors starts at the front desk and we all know the first impression does matter, no matter what people say. The first interaction can set the tone to the visitors overall experience and that’s where exactly the visitor hospitality comes in the role. 

For example, an iPad or tablet based visitor management system, not only allows organizations to ditch paper and go paperless but also makes visitors sign in and sign out process easy. But leaning on technology is neither the right thing to do too, one should rely on technology too much. Using technology as a support is the right way to use it. 

There are many more such appreciable pieces of tech in the market which gives us the artistry to streamline the work processes, making the entire process straightforward and fast. In this article, we are going to focus on a few technologies which are shaping the visitor hospitality industry and making visitors experience a pleasant one.

Chatbot for automating Visitor Hospitality



One of the latest technology in the visitor hospitality Industry is chatbots. A chatbot is an intelligent service which allows you to interact via chat interface with either an individual or artificial intelligence.

Since users are spending a significant amount of time chatting on some or the other messaging app, chatbots have bread budding scope in the visitor hospitality industry.

According to a report, around 35% of guests would like to schedule room cleaning and 26% would like to receive a smartphone notification to show of their room os cleaned – all these desires could be achieved easily using a chatbot. 

NFC Technology

NFC Technology


What’s is NFC technology? Near-Field Communication Technology is a wireless transfer of data and then enables nearby devices to communicate without an internet connection.

This technology is new but it has definitely proven its capabilities to improve the ways of the transaction, exchange content or connect to other devices. A lot of organizations have started using NFC guest self check-ins.

Visitor Management System for Seamless Check-in ExperienceVisitor Management System

Greeting your visitors with a smart visitor management system at your front desk changes the game of visitor hospitality, don’t you think? The kiosk (iPad/tablet) is the main point-of-contact and usually runs the Visitor Management software. When your employees, visitors, and contractors arrive kiosk is their first point-of-contact and where they’ll sign in or register themselves. They can select who they are there to see, get their photo captured, sign NDAs and get a custom badge printed.

A visitor management system not only allows organizations to ditch paper and go paperless but also makes visitors sign in and sign out process easy which is an essential element that comes under visitor hospitality. Online visitor log, ID card scanning, notify employees of visitors, deliveries, and contact everyone in emergency situations are some of the features which a good Visitor Management System should include.

Translators for Overcoming Language Barriers

Translators for Overcoming Language Barriers


The visitor hospitality industry has guests of incredibly diverse backgrounds. Visitors often come from different cultures and speak different languages, so sometimes employees may find it challenging to cater to all the requests of their diverse visitors. However, with the help of new technologies such as language translators or chatbots, one can overcome any language barriers and prevent miscommunication. Hence technology also changes the guest experience by allowing employees to better serve guests of all backgrounds.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is one of the biggest buzz in the current visitor hospitality industry and with the increasing accessibility of virtual reality increases the new marketing and branding opportunities for any facility such as hotels, companies, etc. virtual reality allows us to engage with the tech-savvy customers and has replaced old fashioned brochures.

Now immersive experiences are providing more personalized tours of the premises. Hotel chains like best Western and Carlson Rezidor are using virtual reality as their marketing tool. 

Do let us know if we have missed out on any other important tech in the visitor hospitality domain?