Office Digitization with a Visitor Management System

Office digitization will change the face of offices soon. By 2020, 46% of the total workforce will comprise of tech-friendly millennials. Our generation is one of the connected multi-taskers. We prefer modern day apps. The inundation of young minds is definitely altering the way offices works.

The traditional way of doing things is gingerly replaced by artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and workplace sensors. Manual logbooks are replaced by smart cloud-based visitor management system leading to more efficiency and security.

To keep up with generational trends and make offices future ready an organization should have a balance of Human Resources and digitization. There was a wave of fear among people that computers might replace all manpower in the future but now computers have become an essential part of our professional as well as personal life.

People have come to understand that technology can be productively used to make their lives easier and now technology doesn’t threaten them.

1. Rise above Dreary, Do multitasking!

Rise above dreary, Do multitasking!

Employees are free to take up more responsibilities, be more productive and engage in brainstorming activities all thanks to office digitization. Automation decreases the time spent on tedious tasks and increases efficiency. Office digitization not only just increases employees productivity it also increases employee gratification.

The visitor management system will not only lessen the burden for your receptionist but also allow your receptionist to do multitask. Your visitors are welcomed by a self-serving iPad/tablet, where they can enter their details.

The visitor management system also sends a message to the relevant host/employee. The receptionist is not required for any coordination. It would let your receptionist finish more important works.

2. No Limitations

No limitations- beyond the limitations of location

The location has become extraneous, in the present time. Through office digitization, all business meetings and collaborations are taking place digitally.

With a cloud-based visitor management system, one can have noteworthy empowered access over numerous areas irrespective of geographies and time zones. You can sign in and recover all visitors information from the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and login credentials.

3. Secure Data by Digitizing your Front Desk

secure data by digitizing your front desk

Every business has to deal with data on some of the other levels, from visitors information to financial records. Office digitization helps to efficiently store, manage, retrieve and access data as per need. Office carbonates filled with papers are now history and now all the data can be stored and accessed in a few seconds from anywhere, anytime!

Visitor Passes are a thing of the past. All the information is entered in the cloud-based visitor management system, everything finds its place on a central server. The assemblage of such information takes a few man-hours and is very mistake inclined when visitors details are entered into a logbook or by a receptionist.

4. Give an Indelible Impression

Secure and Indelible impression

The office eco-system is not only restricted to its employees but also its visitors. A visitor can be either an existing customer or a potential one like a job applicant, vendor, consultant or delivery man. Out-dated binders are being replaced by smart visitor management systems which are not only used for digitization but also inflates office security by data validations.

And what can be more attractive than having your logo & brand theme right at your front desk? With a smart visitor management system, you can have an attractive welcome screen, add your brand logo and choose colors. You can easily customize the visitor information you wish to capture. And, you can add or delete screens very easily.

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