It seems like there’s a way to make everything digitized these days. Employees never again anticipate that their office should be a spot they just come to work. They anticipate that their office condition should likewise be a savvy place for them to work, driven mostly by office automation.

Today, you’d experience serious difficulties discovering any individual who really needs to invest their energy keeping up office frameworks. Office automation software has comprehended this issue for some organizations, who utilize essential frameworks including information storage to keep things rolling.

The idea behind office digitization is that by practicing it, you get to leave behind everyday paperwork. It usually involves the utilization of PC hardware, software, and applications to digitally collect, create, store, control, and retransmit the data vital for performing tasks and meeting office objectives. 

The following 7 office automation tools make it simple for office admins and their teams to keep the whole office running smoothly and make the whole company more productive. These are

1. Ara – Visitor Management System

Ara - Visitor management system

If your company gets frequent visitors, it’s probably wrong expectations from a receptionist at the front desk to please everyone entering the organization. Instead, of giving a cold welcome to your visitors you can always choose a modern, paperless and interactive Visitor Management System that interacts with your visitors from the front desk with an interactive UI and adds personality to your Reception. A VMS makes life easier for the receptionist and gives a memorable office front desk experience.

With Ara at your front desk, once the visitor enters your office premise they can manually fill their details and your visitors can instantly send out a message (SMS/Email) notifying hosts of their presence in the organization, eliminating the time between the host and the intermediary (here, the receptionist) and also between the intermediary and the visitor. The host notification template is fully customizable. This means that you can add more specific information to your host notifications to be filled up by your visitors upon entry. The host can directly respond to the message and the visitor will be notified accordingly.

Ara makes the job easier by shortening the waiting times and the visitors can manually enter their details.

Price: Starts at just $40 per month, for the basic plan without customizations for Unlimited Visitors.

2. Kisi – Access Control System

Kisi - Access Control System

The better way of office administration in which you can save some cost is by eliminating the traditional security personnel standing right in front of your office. Instead of that having a new security person man the front door of your office, Kisi, which is a cloud-based access control system can provide a keyless entry technology for your office, server room, and other protected areas.

Kisi provides a smartphone access control system that allows businesses to remotely grant and revoke access to employees as needed. Not only does this remove the headache of constantly printing ID cards to allow people into the building, it also gives you more flexibility by allowing you to implement restrictions on access and flexible work hours, schedule the doors to remain unlocked during business hours and fully automate the access to every space within your workplace.

Price: Free for the Developer plan that includes access for a single door and up to five users; from $150/location/month for the Pay-As-You-Go plan that includes keycard access and activity reports. Hardware and installation fees may also apply.

3. Robin – Conference Room Scheduling Software

 Robin - Conference Room Scheduling Software

For companies of all sizes, booking recurring meetings in the same room, scheduling capabilities, calendar views, and notifications is a challenge that can now be solved with this tool which lets employees focus on the work that matters most.

They need a projector, a specific number of seats, and equipment for connecting a Mac to the projector. Hence, rather than paying an administrative assistant to locate the ideal room, or paying one of your techs to set up rooms as indicated by each meeting coordinator’s needs, you can use a tool like Robin conference room booking app

Robin is a conference room booking application that makes it simpler for everybody at your organization to discover existing meeting rooms with the comforts they need and book those rooms without help. Employees look for rooms in Robin’s web application or schedule module, at that point book the space for the date and time required, counteracting twofold appointments.

Price: From $20/room/month for the Basic plan that includes scheduling for 5-15 rooms, unlimited users, and room display apps for iOS and Android tablets.

4. Watchman – Proactive Monitoring Software

Watchman Monitoring - Proactive Monitoring Software

Watchman Monitoring system is a proactive support tool for IT Professionals that screens your organization gadgets and software, notifying you to issues that need your consideration. Like, find which gadgets need updates, what equipment parts are throwing errors when your product subscriptions are set to terminate, and even issues with your servers that could bring about massive losses of data.

It is normal that these kinds of issues happen in an organization. The watchman monitoring system assists you to take care of these type of issues happening in your organization and monitor your organization gadgets and software to notify about the issues that you have to take into consideration.

Price: From $75/month that includes Best in class issue detection, contact menu, Expiration Tracking, Unlimited users and also retail enrollment options

5. Papercut NG – Print Management Application

Papercut NG - Print Management Application

Is your organization consuming more paper on printing works? PaperCut NG is useful for any organization that wants to monitor, track, and control printing for its employees, students, or clients. PaperCut NG track printing from virtually any printer ensuring that all paper output in your organization is transparent and totally measurable. Also, monitors the printing of every user on your network ensuring that all users are fully accountable for their actions.

This particular office automation tool provides access to detailed reports that illustrate the environmental impact of your organization’s paper output and allow you to make the correct policy and purchasing decisions. It provides genuine cross-platform support and can operate in most networking environments including those that use Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RM or LDAP for authentication with options to utilize Windows, Novell Open Enterprise (OES), Mac and Linux print servers with full pop-up messaging support on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix clients.

Price: Scalable and customizable for your specific business needs, starting from 5 users free access and up to 50 users it’s $230.

6. Xpenditure – Expense Management Software

Are your employees facing difficulties to manage their expenses? Xpenditure is a web-based mobile expense management system that automates the expense management process from receipt to accounting. Also, this makes expense reporting an easier process.

Making use of intelligent scanning, Xpenditure lets you store, digitize and manage receipts with the use of a smartphone, tablet, or even a webcam. It is intended for freelancers and small businesses to simplify managing and monitoring business receipts and expenses.

Xpenditure allows you to scan and store all your expense receipts in the cloud, even matching your receipts to credit card statements, verifying every step of the process. It ensures the date of purchase, location, and the total is detected by the tool and sent to your accounting or administrative department.

Price: From $9/month includes Approval flow, Mail & Chat support, OCR scanning, and also multi-currency conversion is available with the subscription.

7. HelloSign – eSign Solution

HelloSign - eSign Solution


HelloSign is a tool that lets users sign documents with legally binding e-signatures. It is an online program that likewise enables users to upload documents with drag and drop interface. With HelloSign, you can append signatures to documents retrieved from different sources, including email as well as third-party applications like Dropbox, Google Drive,, Evernote, and SkyDrive.

HelloSign platform is very easy and does not contain any complexities in its flow. All users need to do is upload or create a signature, insert it on a document, pick the recipient, and hit the “Send” button.

Price: Pro version starts from $15/month which includes unlimited documents per month, 1 sender, 1 template, and also it can integrate with Google Drive.

So that’s the top 7 office automation tools for office administration and also these tools make the office administration jobs easier.

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