A visitor sign in app is the most underrated app any organization would think about, in terms of increasing work efficiency and thus profitability. A sign in app for visitors not only reduces stress and manual labor at your front desk but also increases efficiency, transparency and improves scalability.

Visitor sign in app is considered “cool” because on the frontline of the whole system is an android tablet or an iPad, but on the backend, it manages to take a good amount load off the human labor behind the functioning of an organization.

Reasons Companies Love the Visitor Sign-in App

Reason #1: It’s Completely Paperless

How funny is it that we humans, chop down thousands of trees only to write “Don’t waste paper” on them. A visitor sign-in app helps you remove all the paper at your front desk, and go completely paperless. Americans use about 680 pounds of paper per person, per year which amounts to about 85,000,000 tons of paper or 2,000,000,000 trees. Imagine the impact it has on the environment.Visitor sign in app is the modern alternative to a visitor log book.

Reason #2: A Visitor Sign in App to Keep your Premises Secure

What a visitors book should do is get information from the visitor such as their email, photo, phone numbers, the company they come from, the person they have come to meet, the intent of their visit and the items they carry in the premises. But it fails to do so because there is no verification system built in a book.

On the other hand, an app has the technology to store, save and even verify information, if the need arises. This is such a good deal as the host has all the necessary information about the visitor to have a greater sense of security.

Reason #3: It Notifies the Host Instantaneously

All that an organization would ever need (for visitor management) is a tablet and an admin pc to control all actions of any visitor entering their facility. The best feature of a visitor sign in app is probably,  be instant notification feature. Push notifications are notifications that are sent to the host, on arrival of a visitor and the visitor, on confirmation of the host availability.

Instant notifications are particularly helpful to save the time, a receptionist would take to pass on the information from the host to the visitor, and the other way around.

instant notification- Visitor Sign In App

Reason #4: Schedule a Meeting

An added advantage of having a visitor sign in app is that it is able to schedule meetings and book conference rooms for the host as well as the visitor well in advance. Booking a conference room can be a hassle, as there are multiple parties who are looking for a conference room at the same time. A visitor sign in app is to allocate and allot time slots for the conference rooms, as it avoids clashes between parties for the conference rooms.

Again, a .must have feature.

Reason #5: You get a Fully Secured Cloud Storage

A good visitor sign in app stores the data in a cloud server (more secure than a physical server). Cloud storage is scalable and easily accessible. If, for instance, there is an on-site disaster, the physical is at the risk of losing all its data, but it’s not the same with cloud storage. Your data securely sits on the cloud storage and is accessible anytime you want it.

Reason #6: Save Time and Money

If to err is human. To unerr becomes digital. So might as well digitize it. A receptionist has a lot of other work that needs their attentions. A visitor sign in app will save your money and is much faster in performing the operations.

It would be a clever move by any organization to have a visitor sign in app, so that they save money, are faster and are more efficient.


Visitor sign in app is a great alternative to visitor log books. Simple, efficient and secure.

I’d like to end with this quote said by Mark R. Benioff, CEO, Salesforce “Speed is the new currency of business”, a visitor sign-in app helps you achieve speed by going digital on your reception.