Self Check In Solution for Corporates

Importance of a Self Check-In Solution for Corporates | Digital Receptionist

Let’s see how a self check-in solution for corporates contributes to deliver an exceptional experience to visitors.

Here’s a probable scenario you might have faced when walking into a client office: 

You enter the reception area and wait to be attended. When it is finally your turn, you scribble your name and company information into a log book. You wait patiently for your picture to be taken and your temporary ID generated. 

Then, you are asked to return to your seat and wait for the person you are meeting to escort you to the meeting room. Up until now, you have wasted your precious time that could have been spent working on another presentation. 

This is a very telling image of a company that is not innovation-friendly. 

Is this the impression your firm is giving out to visitors as well? Why not try something more modern and save the time of your guests?

That’s where a digital receptionist like Ara can help you save time and resources. 

How Secure is your Front Desk?

A lot of companies insist on manual processes for greeting and checking in visitors, in the name of security. 

But, let’s face it. How secure is a manual log book with entries that anyone else can glance through and steal information from? 

Not just that, how do you know that at any point in time all of your visitors are accounted for? 

Do you know if they have securely left the premises, or might have wandered into some other part of the building?

You need to have better control knowing who has access to which parts of your premises and keep a track of visitors. That’s why an automated self check in solution works wonders for corporates. 

Can a digital receptionist help?

A self check in tool is an automated way to handle various visitors to your facility, saving up precious administrative time. A digital receptionist can evolve with your business, allowing you to customise it according to the features you need at any given point of time. 

You can set it up to track the information you need from various levels of visitors, whether they are courier services, vendors, clients or walk-in guests. A visitor management system can help you save on paperwork and increase efficiency, presenting a future-forward face to your visitors. 

What’s more, all of the information entered can be securely stored to the cloud, allowing you to gain access to it even in the case of an emergency or power outage situation. 

There are several more problems that a self check in solution can help address for your corporate. 

Save Paper with our Digital Receptionist

Avoid your visitor having to enter their information manually into a log book or paper form when they enter your office. This information can not only be easily stolen, but it also leads to a lot of unnecessary physical documentation that would later have to either be stored in precious storage space, or be destroyed. 

Instead, a self check in kiosk can be used to record the information by the visitor themselves. You can set up the system to recognise guests whose appointment was already scheduled for that day, thus speeding up their check in experience even more. All they need to do is select the level of access they need, type in their name and other information that you need, take their picture and generate their own badge. 

This can even be connected to a phone app that will give them all the information they need as they navigate through the facility. 

Cast a Powerful First Impression

If you are a tech company, there can be nothing more embarrassing than being considered to be ‘behind the times’. Show your visitors that you embrace the latest in technological trends. 

A visitor management system like Ara can be customised with your company’s branding to give users a positive experience when they have to check in to your company. You can set it up to recognise returning guests and provide them with a truly personalised experience when they arrive. 

Visitors can receive information on how to connect to the facility’s WiFi, directions to the meeting room that they are expected at, information on nearby restrooms or cafeteria, and more. All of this counts for a big first impression, particularly in the case of a client visit or a large group of visiting delegates. 

Streamline the Check-In Experience

While front desk staff is important, it is also true that they could be doing much better things with their time than just greeting visitors and directing them to meeting rooms. Make better use of your front desk staff by diverting the more manual work to visitor management systems like Ara, which are powered by AI. 

Visitors can check themselves in, giving them more control over their own experience. They can help themselves with information and get easy guidance over the phone regarding building information. The person they are to meet also gets quick updates over the phone upon arrival of their expected visitor, so that meetings start and end on time. 

Better visitor management means more efficient tracking of who is entering your facility, when and why. Reports that are generated from the tool can give you great insights into visitor patterns and also help you understand if there is any facet of the check in process that needs to be addressed or corrected. 

Let your Visitors Take Charge

From the time they enter to the time they leave a facility, visitors are often a bit lost and confused, needing constant help from staff to figure out where they have to be and who they need to meet. A visitor management system can make all of this go away. 

All visitors need to do is use a self check in kiosk to enter in their details and then get quick guidance on everything they need to know about the facility and their upcoming meeting. They can also get an access code built on to their badge that will allow them to only enter pre-designated sections of the facility. They can also check themselves out of the facility and even get map directions to exit the facility, with a reminder to visit again soon. 

This makes for a better experience for both you and your visitor, because both of you have control over the check in and check out process. 

Stay Compliant

Often, while dealing with people and paperwork, we can miss out on important regulatory guidelines with regard to dealing with the information of individuals. Keeping track of data privacy regulations like GDPR is a key facet of visitor management software. 

A visitor management system like Ara is kept in tune with the latest data security guidelines for your region. Visitor information is only requested based on the level of access they would need to the facility. This information is then processed and stored according to guidelines. Where in the past, a company could get into trouble if staff inadvertently shared information about visitors with a third party, a digital receptionist would ensure that this information is only stored in the cloud, with access granted only for reporting purposes, to the admin who requires it. 

Secure your Visitor Information

Handling visitor data can be a nightmare if you do not trust your servers to not be hacked into. That’s why using a self check in tool can be a huge relief to your organisation. All data stored to the cloud is encrypted and stored securely, with only designated users being given access to it. 

This keeps the data safe from phishing attacks. It also means that you have a way of looking at historical visitor data and using it to get actionable insights for your business. This can be invaluable to any business that cares about who gets in and gets out, and how they treat their guests. 

Increase Cost Efficiency

Any system that takes up precious time increases manual work and occupies time of admin staff is a system that is not cost efficient. You can reduce the amount of manual work involved in the check in process, free up time of both your staff and your visitors and give your front office admin increased responsibilities, thus increasing the overall cost efficiency of your business. 

What’s more, visitor management systems like Ara can provide excellent long term benefits in terms of overall professionalism, innovation and report generation that can give you a huge ROI for your subscription. With flexible subscription plans available, and ways to customise your self check in solution for business, this is a great benefit to any organisation. 

Reduce time Spent on the Check-In Experience

Did you know that it can take up to half an hour to check in one visitor if the process is handled manually from start to finish? This includes the time taken to issue the visitor a pass, track their whereabouts, give them directions and complete their secure check out. 

Why waste this much time on just one visitor when a digital receptionist can manage several visitors in a matter of minutes? 

A visitor management system like Ara can help complement your existing front office arrangements, providing for an unobtrusive way to check in visitors. You can even manage the check in of a large group who are all arriving for a single event, in under a few minutes. 

Not only is this the future way to do it, but your visitors will appreciate you being courteous of their time as well for it. 

Scale up When you Want To

If you are a growing business, chances are that your front office staff might not be able to adapt to your shifting requirements as quickly as you need them to. Save up that time on training staff to meet a bigger diversity of visitors and instead push these requirements easily to your visitor management software. 

You can push updates on what sort of visitors you expect, what information you need from them, what you would like them to know about your facility, and so on, to the digital receptionist. This information can be accompanied by your company’s branding and information so that you can always show guests that your organisation is in touch with the times. 

Manage your VIP Guests Better

Nobody likes being told to wait, when they were already expected at a facility for a meeting that they probably received an invite for a month ago. Your VIP guests deserve a much better experience than a crude, manual one

A self check in solution can help identify VIP guests and give them priority access into the facility, immediately triggering information to their waiting counterparts, catering staff, and so on so that the event can begin on time. Throughout the event time, the VIP guest can get information on building facilities that they might need access to and even be securely checked out when they are done with their visit.

This means reduced wait time, a better overall experience for the guest and a belief in your company’s ability to keep ahead of the times. 

Get Actionable Insights on Visitor Information

Finally, the reports that can be generated from a visitor management tool like Ara is a huge improvement over manually transcribed information that is then hurriedly entered into a CRM by front office staff, the latter of which could be full of errors. 

You can get fully digitised information in the reports that you pull from a self check in software, which can be used to further streamline the check in experience. You can get information on returning visitors, making their future experience even better. You can send reminders to guests who you would like to see again. You can even keep track of vendors who visit your facility and get information on how often they visit and for what purpose, and so on.

In an age where information is power, these reports can help you generate actionable insights for the next generation of your workplace facilities management. 

Invest in a digital receptionist like Ara, and see the wonders that a self check in solution can do for your business.

Self Check In Solution for Corporates