Visitor Management System Requirements

Top Visitor Management System Requirements | Self Check In Solution

The first contact with your office is what leaves a lasting impression on your visitor. 

How sure are you that your reception staff are capable of making a perfect first impression?

No matter how well trained, human beings tend to err either while making the first contact or while taking note of visitor details. 

How can you make your office lobby a welcoming place for both VIP guests as well as other visitors?

Enter the visitor management system. In this article, we will touch base on the topic visitor management system requirements and how a self check-in solution can deliver an exceptional front office experience. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management systems are digital systems that completely automate the entire visitor check in and check out process. These highly secure systems are primed to ensure that visitor details are captured accurately, check ins are completed on time and the right notifications are sent to the right resources to ensure a seamless entry and exit. Even with the existing reception staff, visitor management systems have proved to be a great boon to offices that are focused on making the best first impression. 

Think of visitor management systems as digital receptionists. With a tablet interface that can be customised with your company’s information, a visitor management system like Ara can effectively welcome a visitor, capture their details and photograph, record any items they may be carrying on premises, validate their information in seconds, generate a notification to the persons they are supposed to be meeting and facilitate their movement within the office. The visitor management system can also have them sign an NDA where required and allow for a seamless checkout process. 

What could be easier than that? 


Visitor Management System Requirements 

What companies frequently look for in a visitor management system is quite simple:

  • What would it cost me?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can it generate reports of visitors?
  • Is my visitor data safe?

We are happy to report that top visitor management systems, like Ara, score well on all of these parameters. 

Free to Start With!

To begin with, visitor management systems like Ara offer a free trial package, during which you can test out all of its amazing options live in your office. There are no strings attached; it is really so that you can see for yourself how a visitor management system could work for you and can serve as a point of reference for you regarding your current reception set up. Free is the best way to go as you test out this system in your office environment!

Easy to Use

While deciding on the visitor management system requirements an entity should consider the ease to integrate a VMS solution to the existing front desk operations. Our front office visitor management system Ara is the best when considering the ease to use. With the help of a real-time, admin friendly dashboard, you can view at a glance the details of visitors who are in multiple locations of your company. The entire interface can be fully customised based on the level of access defined for each visitor, as well as with your company’s logos. Definitely preferred to dialling up your reception and wasting their time poring over the details of check-ins from multiple facilities manually!

Generate Reports Quickly

Need to look at historical visitor reports? User data can easily be exported as a data file to a format you prefer. With this data, you can draw actionable insights about your visitors and further streamline your company’s lobby system. It can even help you plan and schedule meetings and optimise the availability of meeting rooms. Better than your receptionist wasting half an hour locking down the recipient and the meeting room? We think so!

Visitor Reports and Analytics Data

Visitor Data is Safe

Sure, when you were searching for visitor management system requirements you had a question on how safe is the data with the solution? In this age of hackers and information security, it will bring you great relief to note that cloud based visitor management systems like Ara keep your data completely safe. All visitor data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. Data is safeguarded and is compliant with major infosec regulations, including GDPR. This is infinitely better than maintaining an ill guarded written log of visitors that anyone can glance through and pull information from! 

So all this is well and good. But how does it address the basic issue of automating user check in? 

Self Check In, Now Possible

In the world of automation, everyone likes to do things themselves. 

It is why we prefer to head to an online form for filling out government mandated documentation, rather than standing in a queue to get it done.

This is why online banking is a great hit compared to the traditional teller and counter system.

That’s why shoppers prefer online shopping rather than having a shop assistant hovering over their shoulder constantly. 

If people like to do things themselves with minimal contact with another person, then we should give them what they need, correct?

Enter the self check-in solution provided by visitor management systems. 

Self check-in opens a whole new world of convenience for both you and your visitor. 

Let’s take a look at how that would work: When a visitor enters your facility, they are immediately identified based on the type of visitor they are. They then move to a self check-in kiosk where they can quickly and conveniently log in their details into a digital form. Their host is notified of their entry and is immediately summoned to escort them to their meeting room. After the meeting, their check out is facilitated just as promptly. 

Does all of that sound too good to be true? Let’s go through some of the details of how this would operate.

Visitor Management Solution Badge Requirements

Pre-registering Visitors

Organising meeting rooms for visiting guests of various levels can be a huge task for poorly equipped reception staff. Keeping track of visitors even before they arrive at the facility is a unique feature offered by visitor management systems. Visitors can preregister themselves to arrive at the facility via a link or QR code, saving a lot of last-minute hassle in getting access. 

The pre-registration process can generate a unique code for each visitor. This will give them plenty of notice regarding the meeting time, the room they will be meeting their host at and also can provide them with details on the address to the location. All of this is done with the aim of allowing visitors smoother entry into the building and a much quicker check in process. 

Customise the Check-in Experience

Front office Customer ExperienceWhile searching for visitor management requirements make sure to explore the digital world to find solutions that can be customised to deliver a brand experience. Each visitor to your facility is unique. You may have regular vendors visiting, or interviewees, or clients. These different kinds of visitors might need different levels of access and even need specialised treatment. Self check-in experience can be customised on the type of visitor you are expecting. A mailman can be given a form that asks them to fill out their organisation details and sign an NDA. An interviewee can be given a form asking for their HR contact and a photograph. A VIP guest can have notifications triggered upon arrival so that they spend no more than a few seconds waiting to be served upon arrival. 

By responding to these different needs through an automated system, you are saving on precious time as well as manpower. Data is captured effectively as needed from each guest and can be safely stored in a cloud based repository for future reference purposes.

Digital Forms as Opposed to Manual Form Filling

Paperless forms are made possible thanks to visitor management systems. Guests can enter their details on a tablet, on a customised form replete with your company’s logos. They can also capture their photograph on the form. This makes for saving on paper, and also ensures data integrity that could otherwise be compromised when dealing with carelessly stored paper forms. 

Another great advantage of digital forms is their instant upload to the cloud. The form data is encrypted in the cloud from where it can be quickly generated as a report for admins as required. This can give workplace admins better control over what kind of data they would like to see, what additional levels of security need to be added and also give information about the most common types of visitors to be expected and with which frequency. There are a hundred ways to use this data, and there’s no manual transcription of it required!

Unique Badge Generation

How long did it take you the last time you waited for a receptionist to print out your visitor badge? Maybe you were asked to position your face ‘just so’ for your picture to be taken, you had your name spelt wrong despite enunciating it clearly and even that happened only after a ten-minute wait. In a regular situation, the badge creation process can take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on how busy reception is or whether their systems are down. Thankfully, visitor management systems can cut down on this wait time. 

Visitor management systems allow for badges with a unique code or ID to be generated in seconds, with all of the necessary information of the visitor. They can even be coded to include access to areas that the visitor is authorised to enter, regardless of an escort being made available. These badges can also be customised to include your company’s logo, which is great for buildings where multiple companies rub shoulders. This is the technology of the future!

Badge Generation Requirement

Prompt Notifications to Waiting Resources

Visitors to facilities usually are already aware of who they are to meet. Rather than waiting for the reception to dial-up a contact, or for a visitor to try to make them available on their mobile phone, visitor management systems allow for automated notifications to be pushed to waiting recipients. These notifications can be through SMS, email prompts or even as a push notification to an app. This allows for minimal wait time both for the arriving guest as well as for the waiting recipient. 

Even when visitors aren’t sure of who they are to meet, the visitor management system keeps a track and sends an automated notification to the concerned host. This makes meeting scheduling and hosting a quick activity. It also frees up meeting rooms well in advance so that there is no last-minute struggle for reception staff or hosts.

Easily Check in a Large Group

If a delegation is arriving at your facility, it can be a logistical nightmare if your reception staff is ill-prepared. Has the catering arrived and been notified to begin service? Has the board room been arranged and set up? Is the welcoming team ready with their welcome? And how is one reception staff expected to check in the whole bunch in under 2 minutes?!

Why not have a visitor management system do the entire group check-in process in seconds and hassle-free? Groups can be preregistered so that upon arrival they have all the information they need to move through into the meeting room that has been designated for them. This can make for much more pleasurable meetings where no one is frustrated by a long wait!

Checking Out is as Important as Checking In

When a visitor leaves your office, it certainly shouldn’t be a curt farewell, especially if they are a VIP guest you want to see again. Instead, an automated check out system can detect when the visitor is leaving the premises for the day, offer them directions out or to public transport facilities and even a customised thank you note for the visit. This added touch leaves a sweet flavour in the mouth of the guest, who will no doubt look forward to the next visit to your facility. 

Visitor management systems pave the way for the office of the future. When you are trying to portray your company as a tech-forward one that is positioned with smart processes, you want to showcase that right from the time someone steps into the building. Invest in a good visitor management system to allow your guests with a hassle-free visit that can cut down on wait time and also free up your reception staff to tend to more meaningful activities to facilitate the guest experience. Choose the right visitor management system that can fulfil all of your requirements and offer a seamless check-in and check out facility to your guests. 

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